About Us

We are dedicated to Vishuddhanand Paramhamsa, a saint of 1800's from West Bengal, India.

What We Do

Our goal is to spread ancient wisdom, through our Research, Programs and Retreats, so that we can practice it in day to day life. 


To re-establish Tantra as a Universal Science of Self-Realization & spread the spiritual wisdom among all !


To conduct Systematic Research of Ancient Wisdom & develop related modern Services & Products that are Globally accessible

About us

At ShriTantra School, we constantly strive to do research on ancient texts and present its simpler version through our workshops and courses.

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We strive to keep  you updated about ancient culture, sadhus, science  and more.

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ShriTantra School of MahaShakti Vigyan


Shivangi Bhatt

Our Founder is an Explorer and a Writer based out of  Mumbai, India.International Finance and Sociology are her education domains. She is dedicated to the Universe through Gyaan Yog and Karma Yog. Guru Tattva is her strength and the mysterious foundation to living her life.

Human Anatomy, Fragrances, Occult sciences and Organic Chemistry drive her left brain. Intuition, Sadhana, Godliness, Scientific Spirituality and Innovation spark her Right Brain !

While she grew up in a Brahmin Family, she still enjoyed the freedom with her liberal minded parents and intellectual siblings. The Raneshwar MahaDev Temple in Vadodara, Gujarat and the adjacent pond became her place to seek Inner Self as a child. While, the Pond is now dry, temple still maintains the serenity.

At 8 years of age, She got initiated into Gayatri Trikaal Sandhya through a Vedic system at the Gayatri Hanuman Peeth through her Womb-Guru, Shri Brahmarishi Adaa (Baba) from the lineage of 1008 Narmada Giri ji in the Maandal Kundla Village in the town of Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Her Womb Guru, Brahmarishi Adaa dreamt of a Hanuman Idol lying underground in the fields of a far away village in the Brahm Muhurat, early hours of the morning which led him towards Sanyaas. The Tall 7 feet Hanuman Deity and the Maa Gayatri Cave in the ashram inspired her throughout childhood.

While, Maa Vindhyavasini in Varanasi, is her KulDevi, who is the form of the elder sister of Shri Krishna who disappeared in the Sky after which Shri Krishna was born to Maa Devaki.

At 20 years of Age, She got initiated through Swami Gahanananda ji, the then President of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, India. At 22 years of Age, She got intiated into the Tantra maarg Sadhana through, Acharya Shastri Arun Joshi who belongs to ancestral Sadhak lineage of the Maa Kali, Pavagadh Shaktipeeth, Gujarat.

A vision of Vishuddhanand Paramhamsa in the early hours of a beautiful morning showed her a life purpose towards the higher cause and ShriTantra School was born in April 2018. Self-Realization, Ancient Wisdom and the Science of the Soul is her life path.


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