Dasa Maha Sadhana
(Gupta Navratri 2021)

।। ऊँ नमः आध्यायै : ।।
ll We bow down to the Aadi Shakti - ParaShakti - MahaShakti ll

The Science of MahaShakti

।। महाशक्ति विज्ञान ।।

You are a part of this Universe & there is an element of Universe present in you.

The micro You and the macro Universe exists around each other.

While, both stay independent of each other, somewhere there are macro sources of energies in You.
So, there is immense potential.
Nothing is impossible for You !

Macro Universe is called Brahmaand (Brahm + Aand) in sanskrit. It is infinite & represents the inexpressible energies.

This Energy of Brahmaand is the Brahm MahaShakti.

When a unit of Brahmaand separates, a division happens and an individual life is born.

Individual may or may not connect with the Brahm MahaShakti consciously during a lifetime, in accordance to one's desires/karmas/choices.

Brahm MahaShakti is present in You but maybe less experienced, few do realize it and connect with their True Self or Atman.

The science that reflects the known & unknown, the visible & invisible explains the cycle of MahaShakti.

When you understand and realize it through a systematic study and experiences, this science becomes the MahaShakti Vigyan.

MahaShakti Vigyan simply means Everything is Energy & Energy is everything.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms.

Hail the Brahm MahaShakti !!


The 9 Nights or Nav-raatris are celebrated since centuries in our matribhumi.

The number 9 carries a pious energy and represents the holding energy of this Universe.

Be it the 108 Mantra Jaap or Nav-raatris, there is a Vigyan around it.

Navraatris are about those 9 nights wherein we can easily come in touch with our own energies, which could be a little more difficult on other days of the year.

When we try to synchronise or merge ourselves with the Brahm MahaShakti or Universal Source, we experience the oneness.

But Why do this ?
Isnt your own energy enough to live in this beautiful world?

It is the deep experience of many, that says, if an individual is the carrier of energy for oneself, the Brahm MahaShakti is the power station for all.

It is your choice and karma whether to be satisfied with your individual energy or connect with the power station of MahaShakti.
Nothing is good or bad or right & wrong.

Definitely, Power station is more powerful, but are all of us ready to transform ?

What we think, feel, eat, speak, experience with our 5 sense organs is MahaShakti.
Everything we experience which is beyond the reach of 5 sense organs is also MahaShakti.

Night time has a specific vibration which all of us & the Universe or Prakriti holds within itself.

This makes specific nights of the year according to the Sanatan Dharma Calendar more preferable to identify, recognize, cleanse, transform & balance our energies.

When we further wish to specifically address some energies in us, we can choose which Navraatri is more effective for us.

Let's dive into our river of energies


There are 4 Navraatris in a year and 2 Navraatris are called the Gupt Navratri or the Secretive Navratri.

Gupt Navratri is called so as the energies dealt with & practices done during these 9 nights are more sensitive and needs to handled with utmost faith & cautiousness.

Hence, the practices or kriyas to be done are not revealed to anyone except the Sadhak & the Guru.
Guru becomes important here as dealing with sensitive energies becomes more precise & has a purposeful direction.

As, Tantra maarg is about complete acceptance of everything,
Darkness & Light,
Invisible & Visible,
Atman & ParamAtman,
MahaMaya & MahaShakti.

Shaakt Tantra practices are done during Gupt Navratri in the months of Magh(Jan/Feb) & Ashadh (June/July).

Prominently the Das MahaVidyas or the Baarah MahaVidyas are invoked during Gupt Navratri.

MahaVidyas mean the wisdom of Brahm MahaShakti.
Different kinds of Vidyas are an integral part of the Tantra maarg.

Das MahaVidyas & Baarah MahaVidyas

Das MahaVidyas or Baarah MahaVidyas specifically, represent the different energies present within each one of us & in the Brahmaand.

In accordance to the MahaVidya present in us, choosing the Sadhana of a specific Devi MahaVidya is very significant.

Finally, we know that we are here in this world to feel complete, balanced and fulfilled.


MahaVidya Sadhana helps you balance your energies in your lifetime & even in your nectxt births, if you wish so & also when you choose the right form of MahaVidya Sadhana.

Maa Kaali, Baglamukhi, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari, Matangi, Shodashi, Dhumavati, Taara, Tripura Bhairavi and Tripura Sundari are the Das MahaVidyas usually invoked and worshipped in Shaakt Tantra Sadhana and hence also during Gupt Navratri.

Also, when Maa Durga and Maa Annapurna is included in the Sadhana, it becomes a Baarah MahaVidya Sadhana.

Most known MahaVidya is the SriVidya which is a Tantrik Sadhana of Maa TripuraSundari.

But for each one of us, a different MahaVidya is required & must be invoked.

ll May this Gupt Navratri,
AadiShakti hails in us,
May the MahaMaya be transformed into ParaShakti ll

।। ऊँ ह्रीं ।।

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🌺DasMahaVidya Sadhana🌺
(Gupt Navratri 2021)

🌷Invoking the MahaShakti in you🌷

🐚12th Feb to 21st February, 2021🐚

Registration closes on 6th Feb 2021

Venue : Virtual Online Session

09 Nights of MahaVidya Sadhana
🌷Invoking the MahaShakti in you🌷

Registration closes on :
6th Feb, 2021

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Very Important FAQs

👉 What is Gupt Navratri ?

Gupt Navratri is about worshipping ParaShakti/MahaVidyas for 09 nights in the month of Magh & Ashadh according to Sanatan Dharma Calendar

👉 When is Gupt Navratri starting in 2021 ?

Gupt Navratri is starting on 12th February, and ending on 21st February,

👉 What is holy about the Magh month of the Sanatan Dharma Calendar ?
Magh month is the start of a new season & is considered to be holy as many pujas & sadhanas are initiated during this month.

👉 Why is this Navratri considered Gupt or Secretive ?
The energies experienced during Gupt Navratri are sensitive so it must remain unaffected & gupt.

👉 Will one form of Devi Puja be suggested to us ?
Yes, a sadhana which is dedicated to any one MahaVidya will be suggested in accordance to your individual energies.

👉 Why are Das MahaVidyas worshipped during Gupt Navratri ?
Das MahaVidyas balance our energies through the Tantra maarg of Kundalini Shakti and hence they are worshipped during Gupt Navratri

👉 Are NavDurgas worshipped during Gupt Navratri ?
Maa Durga is worshipped as Baarah MahaVidyas during Gupt Navratri.
NavDurgas are often worshipped during Chaitra &

👉 Can both male & female perform practices for Gupt Navratri ?
Yes, definitely both males & females can perform practices for Gupt Navratri.

👉 If there is death in the family or sutak or menstruation cycle for any of the family members or self, can we do the Sadhana ?
Death is an integral part of life, every moment something dies & is born.
Tantra maarg considers even death as a medium towards ParaShakti.
But, it is better to avoid doing a Sadhana if the sutak is for an immediate family member

Menstruation cycle is a natural process or Prakriti. Maa Kamaakhya is a representation of this energy.
Yes, you can do the Sadhana during menstruation if you are not in much physical pain or emotional turmoil.

👉 Can we consume non-veg & alcohol during Gupt Navratri ?
We at 🔯ShriTantra School🔯 follow the Sattvik Tantra maarg & suggest no consumption of non-veg or alcohol during the Sadhana

👉 Is there any fixed time to practise the Sadhana?
Yes, there will be fixed time for the Sadhana. Timings will be shared with you, once you register for the Sadhana

👉 Are any objects/things we need to use for Sadhna ?
Yes, you will be informed about things required for the Sadhana 48 hours in advance

👉 I have a knee problem or my health allow me to sit with straight spine,can I still practice Sadhna?
Yes, you can mention your concern when you register for the Sadhana. Suggestion will be shared with you.

👉 I am under 18 years or above 60 years, is the Sadhna for me ?
Every one who is 16 years and above can do this Sadhana. Your age sensitivity will be considered while instructing you.

👉 Once if I do the Sadhna will it be for lifetime or one time Sadhna?
It can be a lifetime Sadhana if you remain dedicated with advancements required as you grow.
It can be a one time Sadhana too, the choice is yours.

👉 Will there be a Diksha or Initiation for the Sadhna ?
A Traditional Diksha wont happen.
Diksha comes at a stage when the Sadhak is ready as the Guru's energies are invested into it.

👉 Will we receive videos/audios/pdf for our Sadhana?
Yes, the instructions for the Sadhana will be sent to you as a supporting reference material for 09 Nights in Audio/Video format.

👉 Can I practise it in my bedroom as I dont have a separate pooja room ?
Yes, you can practise it in a clean and silent corner/room

👉 I will be travelling for few days during Navratri, can I perform the Sadhana while travelling ?
Yes, you can practise while you are travelling with the specific instructions to be followed.
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